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This is the talks about purpose.Purpose is the foundation of fulfillment of one's life.God's intention and the reason for which we live or exist.Without purpose man is incompleteThe book brings out the challenges surrounding man's life,limittations and how man can come out from it.The book has pictures of people who did not know their purpose and how they got to know it and what is standard for their lives.Inside the book you will find key steps on how to unlock your purpose and how you can use your dream,desires,creativity,potentials in fulfilling your destiny.

Author name : shey lucien

About the author

Author is lucien Shey a researcher,mentor,counsellor christian of etougebe baptist church Yaounde and is a political sociology student.He has travelled for national and international seminars on leadership,purpose driven life,entrepreneurship and skill management.

Book excerpt

This book is a revealing and practical guide to  “reawakening, liberating yourself ”. Te concept is to help you to
know your purpose by learning how to
overcome your past
experiences, present challenges, and focusing on future challenges to realize your dreams, vision, passion through practical
Te author’s inspiration in writing this book gains its
ground when he first met
Dr. E. Paul, in February 2015,
during some of his seminars (workshops, conferences) on
“Purpose and making impacts” by earning trust,
confidence and motivations from friends, political
leaders, successful business persons, etc.
Te author rigorously wrote this book as a way to
influence his fellow peers about overcoming shame, fear
and embracing reality.
Purpose decoding is the greatest fulfillment in life. As
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. says, “Any Man who does not
know his purpose is not ft to live because he is dangerous.”
Te language style in this book reflects the experiences and practical steps of some people; and how you can
be better in your sphere of influence or the environment
where you find yourself.
From this book, you will find steps and ways that will help
you fulfill your purpose and know what you were created
Te book is a reflection of how we must embrace
realities and shun fear, while trusting God for inspiration, direction for today and future challenges with
practical steps. It is possible to
reign even under the rain.

Lucien N. Shey
January 2018



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